“After spending thousands of dollars and nine months in physical therapy, I was referred to Kurt Hill for stubborn injuries that would not heal. Suspecting an emotional component, he addressed all aspects – mind, body and spirit. What began as a “vendor relationship” has transformed into one of my wisest advisors I adore and trust with my wellbeing. Although I have only worked with Kurt, Sara, Tara and Amie make me feel part of the family instantaneously. HHP accomplished what endless workshops, books, videos, Western medicine, physical therapy and counseling could not. After seeing Kurt regularly for over 18 months I have healed chronic injuries, removed the glass ceiling in my business, transformed stuck familial relationships, and blossomed into an unstoppable loving woman. The Intensive Chakra Cleanse without a doubt was a turning point in my life. If there was an option for SIX stars, it’d be checked!” ~ Clare H. Giraffe Plant
“I’ve known Dr. Amie for about 10 years and have been seeing her regularly for over 2 years, and she’s been GREAT. She combines chiropractic work with acupuncture and muscle testing and really takes care of me! She’s been a great support for my health and vitality.”
“Always in good spirits and easy to work with.” ~ Alan Y.
“I have resisted posting a review on Holistic Health Practice for all these years as it is one of those endorsements I back so whole-heartedly, I prefer to share the information with loved ones, in person, so they can be certain just how genuinely I believe in this place and what it can do for them. No matter where I am in the world or my life, I consider HHP my home (and family) for physical, emotional and spiritual growth. You’ll just have to meet Kurt to know the work he does and how it can help you through any pain or any transition. Sara is an amazing life coach, she has helped so many gain clarity on their life purpose and how to pursue it. Tara does absolute wonders for working out any trauma trapped in your body. Dr. Amie is a very caring and informative acupuncturist. I have not experienced Sheree or Karyn’s services directly, but have heard such wonderful stories. If you might be experiencing any patterns in your life you need to free yourself from, are looking for guidance, or just some incredible body work, I will happily share my HHP safe haven with you.” ~ Christina N.
“No matter whether you have an appreciation for more holistic types of remedies or whether you are much more comfortable with traditional medicines, I can promise you that Kurt Hill’s healing hands will relieve whatever physical aches and pains you have. I have numerous old sports injuries and have had treatment from chiropractors and osteopaths in various countries around the world and Kurt is simply the best I have ever met. You won’t be disappointed.” ~ Ciaran M. Laughing Buddha
“All I have to say is if something is not working right – body, mind or soul this is the place to go. I know some people do not believe in a HOLISTIC Approach to health care… I know I was one a few years back. HHP has change my mind and has help me more than a ton of high priced impersonal doctors and therapists. They treat you like family and care about you and your needs for a more fulfilling and productive life.”

Now lets talk about the staff…

“Kurt is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to healing the body and putting it back in tune with itself. He explains why things are not correct and how he is fixing them. If he is that good with getting my broken body to work better then he must be unstoppable with the other services he provides his clients with his knowledge and commitment.”
“Tara is a ball of pure enlightened energy and knows exactly what to do to make you feel better. She can pull out the negative energy from you with her hands that makes you feel rejuvenated and ready for anything.”
“Dr. Amie is very committed to her patients with her great chiropractic and acupuncture skills. She makes them feel comfortable and safe while she helps them out.”
“Sara is a wonderful person who keeps ever thing running like a well oiled machine with a welcoming smile to all that enter. She is always there to help out and is always concerned for all of needs of HHP clients.”
“Knowing the staff above the rest of the staff also must be phenomenal otherwise they would not be there.” ~ Andy W.
“Prayer Cymbals Tara is amazing! I went in for an hr long massage for the first time in 2 years and she did wonders on me. The good feeling even carried over to the next day. Her energy work allowed me to make it through the afternoon without any caffeine. Now THAT is remarkable. I’ll definitely be back. I might even start faking injuries so I can schedule more appointments there.” ~ John W.
“People throw around phrases like “mind-body” and “holistic healing” so much that it’s often hard to take these concepts seriously. But these people are the REAL DEAL. Kurt Hill’s empathic approach is unique to each person–a combination of physical and spiritual therapy that’s truly transformative. I think and approach life with greater comfort and clarity, and have since overcome challenges that previously seemed insurmountable. And Tara will light you up like a Christmas tree in the best way you can imagine. If you think I’m exaggerating, just go see them…then you’ll know!” ~ Kirk D.
“Branches I have been all over the world (literally) seeking healing for a variety of pains both physical and emotional. The healing I have received at HHP is among THE BEST. It is with loving hearts and warm, skilled hands that each practioner approaches their work. Kurt is a wise sage who has counceled me, given me phenomenal bodywork and has been my teacher. Dr. Amie is a gentle chiropractor who always reiterates the goals I’ve set for my body before she works on me, Sara’s wise council is powerful, and Tara’s strong hands and even stronger intuitive guidance are transformative. From classes to individual guidance to the community of like-minded people (NOT woo-woo but grounded “seekers”) HHP rocks!” ~ Betsy S.