Whole Health Education and Coaching

Whole Health Education looks at how the five essential aspects of an individual’s life – physical, nutritional, environmental, mental/emotional, and spiritual – are contributing to health or disease, and impacting personal fulfillment, resulting in a big-picture understanding of their health concern. By understanding how these 5 aspects affect health, well-being, purpose, happiness and longevity, it is possible to choose the best, most sustainable health and lifestyle behaviors.

Clients are provided with the relevant evidence based health information and other resources and strategies addressing specific needs, and ultimately the tools to reach health goals. The client is assumed to be the expert and authority of their health and is invited into a process of self-discovery and problem solving. Finding the right diet, exercise plan, supplements, meditation and relaxation practices results in improved health and vitality, lower stress, and confidence in reaching health goals. Ultimately, Whole Health clients are empowered, knowing they are making health choices that are effective and aligned with their values and lifestyle.

While everyone will benefit from Whole Health Education and coaching some common health concerns that are addressed include: weight loss, natural hormone balancing, stress management, digestive issues, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, post-breast cancer lifestyle choices, managing Parkinson’s disease, autoimmune disorders, and other chronic diseases.