Spiritual Companioning

On any journey, having a compassionate companion to walk beside can be a source of great comfort and strength.  In times of personal crisis or transformation, a Spiritual Companion provides exactly this support.

Spiritual companioning is a process of creating space for the client’s own truth, inner wisdom, and guidance to emerge.  Through deep, non-judgmental listening, open ended questioning, and mirroring, a Companion can help the client to ground amidst the chaos of metamorphosis, make connections between seeming disparate thoughts, action, and beliefs, and clarify decisions, as well as provide encouragement and inspiration.

Companioning is a powerful tool for healing grief, anger, and trauma, as well as for moving forward into a more authentic, more joy filled life.


  • Creates a safe, scared space in which to speak truth aloud and be heard
  • Enhances awareness of and deepens mind-body-spirit connections
  • Encourages greater self-awareness
  • Increases awareness of life purpose and meaning
  • Re-establishes a sense of groundedness from which to experience change
  • Reconnects the client with foundational truths and beliefs
  • Identifies connections between thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors and aids in determining which no longer serve the client’s best interest
  • Facilitates the identification of goals and next steps
  • Provides support and encouragement in times of upheaval
  • Empowers the client to hear their own inner wisdom