Life Coach

Coaching is about creating more success in life – as defined by the individual – to perform and feel one’s best.  Different from counseling and/or traditional therapy which often explore how past experiences impact the present, coaching is focused on moving forward.

By creating a personal and powerful client focused relationship, coaching supports an individual to clarify what is desired for personal satisfaction and/or professional achievement.  Working with an attentive, intuitive coach allows the client to sift through issues at hand, talk out loud about options for dealing with them, and clarify what action/s may be appropriate to take.  Having a safe environment to share personal desires and goals and receive unbiased feedback is extremely supportive and helpful in tackling difficult or uncomfortable situations or relationships. Together, the coach and client create practical ways of addressing them that allow the client to feel validated and experience forward movement.


  • Assists in the identification and achievement of what is really wanted in life, instead of settling for less
  • Establishes a collaborative relationship where the client and coach become a team focused on accomplishing the client’s goals. The team does more that the client can do alone!
  • Encourages exploration of unfiltered ideas through a safe, compassionate environment
  • Affords the opportunity to consider possibilities and feel supported in dealing with current challenges
  • Promotes positive movement toward goals resulting in transformation in attitude and energy
  • Aids in the achievement of better results with less effort, allowing the client to stretch more and set bigger goals
  • Facilitates the release of previously held blockages to personal fulfillment