Intuitive Counselor or Coach

Unlike a psychic whose job it is to simply report impressions and intuitive “hits,” an Intuitive Counselor/Coach offers individuals and organizations guidance and wisdom for how best to utilize this information for the highest good.  Sessions may include a spiritual component, with techniques ranging from prayer to meditation, tapping, and energy work, as well as many others.

In addition, the Counselor/Coach aids in the recognition and strengthening of the client’s own intuitive abilities, creating an awareness of their own inner wisdom and capacity to make better decisions more quickly and with less stress.


  • Provides honest, in-the-moment feedback
  • Facilitates the release of previously held blockages to personal and/ organizational fulfillment
  • Assists in the identification and achievement of life/ organizational goals
  • Aids in the achievement of better results with less effort, allowing the client to stretch more and set bigger goals
  • Promotes positive movement toward goals resulting in transformation in attitude and energy
  • Strengthens client’s innate intuitive abilities