Intense Chakra Cleanse

Based in ancient Hindu teachings, Chakras are metaphysical energy centers throughout the body through which prana or life energy flows, vitalizing the body and supporting our consciousness and growth.  The seven major chakras are aligned from the base of the spine to the top of the head.  These points correspond closely with major plexuses of arteries, veins, nerves, and glands in the physical body.  When they are blocked or closed, we may experience fatigue, irritability, depression, lack of motivation, conflict, a sense of isolation and stuck-ness, and overall dysfunction.  When the chakras are properly aligned and energy is centered in the body allowing uninterrupted flow of prana, disease cannot take up residence.

Different from other chakra balancing techniques, HHP’s Cleanse is an intensive energetic purging of each of the central chakras.  The key to this procedure is precise harmonic balance.  The practitioner takes an energetic reading to determine if there is blockage in any particular chakra. He or she looks for specific locations, how deep the blockage may be, and/or whether the blockage has altered the client’s core vibration.   This process requires state-altering breath work, focused vibrations, chakra specific essential oils, deep massage techniques, focused intuition, and a specific intention set by the practitioner.

The Intense Chakra Cleanse is the beginning of a process of release and transformation that can continue to unfold for up to 6 months post procedure.

Please be aware that due to the placement of oils, this treatment can involve frontal nudity (chest, abdomen, and top pelvic areas.) Gowns are available for your convenience.

It is recommended that the client not eat for 2 hours prior to the appointment.  Light liquids are acceptable.  Post cleanse, clients often experience a trance-like state and can feel disoriented or “floaty” for 24 hours after the procedure.  We suggest that cleanses be scheduled when the client has time and space to be gentle with themselves for up to 72 hours following the procedure.

The procedure requires a minimum of 2 hours.  Out of consideration for other clients, HHP schedules Chakra Cleanses only in the late afternoon or early evening.


  • “Re-sets” the energetic system to a state of balance
  • Promotes healing of old wounds and toxic relationships
  • Creates an internal environment for release and transformation
  • Purges residue of energetic attachments
  • Empowers the ability for manifestation
  • Enhances awareness of and deepens mind-body-spirit connections
  • Relieves long standing pain patterns and improves range of motion
  • Clears and calms the mind
  • Encourages greater self-awareness
  • Increases physical and mental energy
  • Enhances overall sense of well-being
  • Reduces and relieves stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Increases health and vitality
  • Increases awareness of life purpose and meaning
  • Identifies root causes of physical and emotional symptoms