Financial Life Planning

Financial life planning is based on the premise that an advisor first discovers a client’s most essential goals before discussing a financial plan.  By doing so, the advisor assures that proposed fiscal choices fully support those aspirations.  This may sound elementary but few people spontaneously undertake a thoughtful inquiry into their deepest and most enduring values and objectives.

Traditionally, financial advisors have focused on the numbers–budgeting, investments, taxes and/or insurance–without also exploring the broader context.  To truly deliver exceptional planning, an advisor must integrate the client’s deepest life goals with their financial goals and resources.  An abundant life consists of more than just dollars and cents!


  • Creates a safe space in which to discuss financial issues
  • Identifies unexamined beliefs about money
  • Clarifies Life goals and values
  • Produces a blueprint for achieving dreams that integrates financial realities
  • Determines self-sabotaging behaviors, such as inappropriate risk taking, goal confusion, and lack of interest in executing plans
  • Supports the fulfillment of life plans and the achievement of meaningful and deeply felt aspirations
  • Provides up-to-date information regarding financial opportunities and regulations
  • Relieves financial stress and anxiety