Akashic Record Readings

Dating back to antiquity, references to the Akashic Record as the eternal Book of Life, Universal Mind, and the Word of God can be found in folklore and mythology, as well as the Old and New Testaments.

For those who believe, the Records are felt to contain every thought, action, emotion and experience that has ever occurred in all lifetimes in all dimensions of past, present and future probabilities. The knowledge contained therein describes the energy of Love that permeates and creates everything in the universe and are thus our entry into Divine Wisdom. The Akashic Record can be a powerful tool to help us remember our Oneness with every being in the Universe and to uncover our personal and collective power to manifest our desires.

An Akashic reading provides valuable information to your most immediate questions as they relate to the journey of your life. This practice allows you to access knowledge your soul has gathered through all its lifetimes and to receive loving support and profound clarity aligned with your deepest truth. This awareness enables you to release blocks and behavior that no longer serve your highest good, and receive guidance to actions you can take to support your current life goals and further benefit your soul growth.

A Reading is a sacred journey, one which our Guides encourage us to take often, and, with the help of a dedicated Akashic Record Reader, build a direct relationship with them and uncover their kind humor and boundless unconditional love for us all.

Psychological Benefits

  • Provides insight that can inspire you to live a life of passion and purpose
  • Reveals underlying reasons for unexplained habits and phobias
  • Supplies direction as to the best course of action in personal and professional matters
  • Offers guidance for any physical, spiritual, mental and emotional healing