Tara Sullivan

Body & Energy Work, Spiritual Companioning

Holistic Healer Tara Sullivan uses massage, energy work, vibrational healing, intuition, coaching, dream work, and what she calls spiritual companioning to help her clients identify and release tight muscles, blocked emotions, past trauma, and outdated beliefs in order to create the physical/mental/emotional/spiritual space in which to live their best, most joyful, most authentic lives.

She will tell you that really she’s a glorified window washer, “cleaning out the grit so your own light can shine out in the world.”

A graduate of the New School for Massage, Tara holds a Masters Degree in Creation Spirituality from Naropa University in addition to a BFA and post graduate diploma in acting. She has completed certification in APCT under the auspices of HHP Founder Kurt Hill and has studied Thai Massage, Reiki, Esalen Massage, Deep Body Work (the Esalen approved deep tissue methodology), and Body Centered Awareness. She is always adding new tools to her toolbox.

For more information and for a daily dose of inspiration and fun, please check out Tara’s facebook page at www.facebook.com/TaraSullivanHealer.

Tara Sullivan